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  • Te Puke Weather @TePukeWeather
    The weather watch has been upgraded to a weather warning, More here…
    @TePukeWeather 48 minutes ago
  • Te Puke Weather @TePukeWeather
    Wind 1.1 km/h ESE. Barometer 1007.9 hPa, Falling slowly. Temperature 13.3 °C. Rain today 17.7 mm. Humidity 94%
    @TePukeWeather 2 hours ago
  • Te Puke Weather @TePukeWeather
    Wind 1.5 km/h E. Barometer 1008.5 hPa, Falling slowly. Temperature 13.4 °C. Rain today 15.9 mm. Humidity 93%
    @TePukeWeather 4 hours ago

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